Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for anxiety, burn-out, depression, trauma, daily problems, life crises and other mental diseases

Fees for behavioral therapy and conversational pschotherapy

First contact via phone up to 15 min: 0 CZK

Treatment over the phone per hour: 990,00 CZK

Online treatment (via WhatsApp/ MS Teams/ Skype) per hour: 990,00 CZK

Treatment  in our practice rooms per hour1.500,00 CZK

Treatment at a location of your choice per hour: 2.600,00 CZK (including travel fees)

Special prices for students, pensioners or low-income clients may be agreed upon. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

Fees for hypnotherapy

First contact via phone up to 15 min: 0 CZK

Hypnotherapy in our practice rooms per hour: 1.500,00 CZK

Treatment at a location of your choice per hour: 2.600,00 CZK (including travel fees)

Special prices for long-term clients, students, pensioners or clients with low-income may be agreed upon. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

Fees for profilingvalues value analysis

The prices vary depending on the area of use. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be pleased to serve you.


Our practice is privately run, so we are not part of the Czech health system. At the end of our session we kindly ask you to pay cash or by bank account transfer in advance. You can either receive an invoice or a receipt.

In case you prefer to pay in advance here you find our account numbers . Please write your first name and family name in the field “Message for the recipient”. 

Account number Katerina Tima: 115-1677330217/0100 or IBANCZ0301000001151677330217

Account number Louis Meilenbrock: 115-1677480207/0100 or IBAN: CZ2301000001151677480207

If you or us need to cancel or change the appointment, we will try to find another appointment as soon as possible. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance, preferably via text message or WhatsApp. If not, you will be charged the regular consultation fee.

The frequency of your treatments depends on your and our capabilities. The optimal frequency is considered once per week or once every two weeks. Hypnotherapy and behavioural therapy are rather short-term therapies, therefore if our cooperation continues for longer than ten sessions, we will revise the aims and goals of the therapy and whether or not we are heading into the right direction.

The appointment is a mutual decision of both parties and we suggest to agree upon it at least two sessions in advance in order to have enough time for conclusion and completion.

Benefits of self-payment

Self-payment offers you some benefits. Neither your employer, nor your health insurance will ever be informed about your (mental) problem or disease. In contrary to some public health care therapies, we customize your therapy totally according to your needs. Therefore, our therapeutical service is more likely to help you more quickly and more effectively.